The Life and Times of a Middle School Library Media Specialist

Meet Janice

Book Lover. Educator. Content Creator. Consciously Posh Librarian.

I Didn't Choose The Posh Library Life

The posh library life chose me.

Hello fellow media specialists, teachers, book lovers, and content creators!

After 14 years as an English Language Arts teacher, I wanted a position that still allowed me to:

  1. Talk about books with kids
  2. Create dynamic learning experiences
  3. Not be creatively stifled.


As a library media specialist, I get to do all the things, in the most creative ways possible, thus creating my totally posh library life! Yay me! 

Eventually, I was smacked with a bit of reality about libraries.

The first is that there are very few school librarians who look like me, even in schools with largely minority student bodies.

Another reality is that after 6th grade, the library was no longer a cool place to be, especially for boys.

And finally, I came to realize that I’ve been blessed with an awesome opportunity! I can actually devote my entire work day to collecting and promoting diverse and engaging reading material to every child and adult that I serve. The consciously posh library life has commenced. Watch me work. *cracks knuckles* 

No matter your profession or relationship to children,  I hope that you can find a product, a blog post, a book suggestion, or a programming idea on my website to make the kids in your life fall in love with books that speak to and represent them. Welcome to my Posh Library Life.